Selected list of interviews, podcasts, articles and videos of our guiding teacher (Kritee Kanko). For accessing audio files or transcripts of her dharma talks (Teishoes) given during Zen retreats, please check our podcast and this page.

2024 Gaza: Calling for a Dharma ResponseSacred Mountain Sangha(Link)
2024Nature, Meditation, Justice: Find Your Path with Ecodharma Retreats Denver Post (link)
2024 UCSF Climate Resilience Course University of California San Fransisco (Link)
2024Climate Grief, Communal Power: Reflection by KankoTricycle (Link)
2024Opening the Heart-Mind during Ecodharma Grief-rage ceremonies Tricycle (Link)
2023 How Buddhism can inform climate activism: a conversation with Kritee Kanko Yale Climate Connections (link)
2023 Confronting Emotions in the Climate Sciences: Guest Talk Stanford University
2023 The mutuality of contemplative practice and environmental action: A two-part discussion with Kaira Jewel Lingo The Inner Nature podcast (link)
2023 A Future You Can Love book launch panel Mind and Life (link)
2023 Summer Research Institute (Contemplative retreat) talk Mind and Life (link)
2022 What Could Possibly Go Right? Interview by Vicki Robin Post Carbon Institute/Resilience (Video and Podcast link)
2022 A Zen priest–scientist takes on climate anxiety (and human trauma) Harvard Public Health Magazine (link)
2022 Sacred action: Who are we called to be in the face of our personal, societal & climate traumas? Talk for O Lugar (Brazil) PPT in Portugese & Youtube clip
2022 How To Cope with All the Climate Feels (includes Kritee's interview) A Matter of degrees podcast (Podcast link, Transcript)
2022 Last Earth Day, Wynn Bruce Set Himself on Fire Outside the Supreme Court. I Tried to Understand Why Inside Climate News link
2022 What Wynn Bruce teaches us about climate grief? El Tecolote (Article, Podcast 1 2)
2022 Climate grief and making sense out of Wynn Bruce’s Supreme Court climate action Colorado Sun Opinion (link)
2022 Taking a Collective Breath: a Dharma-sharing space in remembrance of Wynn Bruce with Aaron Solomon, Kritee Kanko, Erica Hamilton, Brother Pháp Dung, and Sister True Vow Earth Holder Community (Video)
2022 Zen Priest and Climate Scientist Tackles Climate GriefKGNU Radio interview
2021Got Climate Anxiety? These People Are Doing Something About It (includes Kritee's interview) NY Times
2021Mental-health professionals are trying to figure out how to talk about the climate The Cut (New York Mag)
2021 Ecodharma pods: Dharma of Resistance's integral approach Boundless in Motion (Link)
2021 Dharma and Justice Dialogues: Just Relationship with the Earth Union Theological Seminary (Youtube video)
2021Climate Anxiety and How It Can Lead to Hopefulness (includes Kritee's Interview) KQED California public radio
2021 Mental health needs to evolve for climate change, experts say Washington Post (link)
2021 Eco-Anxiety Over Climate Change Is A Growing Problem, But Help Is Out There (Kritee's interview) Cincinnati Pubic Radio
2021 Dharma talk at Upaya Zen Center Link (Video)
2020How Can We Create Islands of Sanity in a Sea of Chaos? Kritee Kanko's interview by Kaira Jewel Lingo Mindfulness summit, Youtube video
2020 Hey Climate movement! Deal with traumaBoundless in Motion (Link)
2020 Drowned in the deep spring – Dharma talk San Francisco Zen Center (video)
2020 Find the wisdom in paradoxLion's Roar
2020Practices for transforming COVID-19 anxiety into a sense of safety and grief-love Article, Youtube dialog with Dr. Maria Talero
2020 Climate crisis myths: Science, racism, ethics & action Zen Buddhists teachers circle (YouTube video, PDF)
2020 People of color feel climate grief more deeply
2020 White Supremacy = Mother of climate crisis Boundless in Motion (O Lugar's Portugese translation)
2020 Why Bodhisattvas Need to Disrupt the Status Quo Lion's Roar and Buddhadharma
2020 Composting the Climate Crisis & Racial Violence Requires Composting Trauma & Grief Showing up for the planet (Youtube VideoPDF Slides)
2020 A podcast with Kritee: Interbeing, Zen Buddhism, & the Next Right Thing No Place Like Home podcast 
2019 Climate science and movement updates Ecodharma teacher's gathering (PDF)
2019Video: Is it too late to "save" the planet Lion's Roar (Link)
2019Climate action & racial healing: Framework of Yet-to-be-named network Naropa University (PDF Link)
2019Climate crisis & role of youth King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT), Thailand (Link)
2019Short interview of Kritee (Kanko) by Mushim Ikeda on Climate emergency East Bay Meditation Center, Oakland (Link)
2019Buddhism's role in a Just Transition: Comments of systems of oppressionWorld Council of Churches (Link)
2018 Global Climate Change Panel: Discussion with Environmental Defense Fund colleagues EDF Audio
2018Spirituality & Science Environmental Ethics, University of Southern California
2018Role of spirituality & community-building: Satyagraha for all life on the planet Naropa Peace studies
2018Indian #Padman & attitudes towards menstruation in the times of #metoo Medium article
2017Kritee :: Being an Indian Woman Priest in the Zen Tradition: Interview by Ted Meissner Secular Buddhist Association (Podcast & transcript)
2017Whiteness and Privilege in Ecodharma: How can we confront them compassionately? Rocky Mountain Ecodharma Retreat Center
2017 Zen koan training: Basics Boundless in motion
2017Climate Despair vs. Action: A False Choice? Rocky Mountain Ecodharma Retreat Center
2017Way out of our ecological predicament: Reconnecting with Sacred Oneness and its diverse manifestationsUC Denver Symposium: Spirtuality, Sustainablity, Earth Justice
2017 Selfless self-compassion (with guided loving kindness meditation practice from Kritee Kanko by anonymous) Conscious Unfolding blog
2016One unified movement towards joy, health, kindness and justice: What is our role? Boundless in Motion
2016Secular Activism and the Sacred: a Common Ground Video: One Earth Sangha
2016Island of sanity friendships: How are they different from other friendships? Boundless in Motion 
2016Climate Calamity: Psycho-spiritual implications at Interface Boulder Download powerpoint
2016 Three pillars of Ecodharma (Sacred activist movement) Boundless in Motion
2016New studies point to a pathway to find India’s most effective climate-smart farming practicesEDF Talks Global Climate
2015Interview: This Buddhist Life: Q&A with Kritee by Max ZahnTricycle (Link)
2015Understanding Climate drivers: International Western Dharma Teachers GatheringOmega Institute, NY (Download powerpoint)
2015Earth’s Climate Circle and the Rising 400 ppm Human Tangent: Can our spiritual paths help us to choose heroic and just transitions over global chaos? Tikkun Daily
2015Climate Takuhatsu (spiritual begging)Zen peacemakers -Environment
2014'Feeding 9 billion' requires facing up to climate change  EDF Talks Global Climate
2014Embody Fierce Compassion: Buddhists at the People's Climate MarchBuddhist Peace Fellowship
2014 EcoScience 101: EcoDharma conference 2014Wonderwell Mountain Refuge (Download powerpoint)
2014Why do you want to meditate? Boundless in Motion
2014A Primer on the Science of and Policy Response to Climate ChangeOne Earth Sangha
2013How can we grow more rice – with less land, water and pollution?EDF Voices
2011America’s Leading Mercury Scientists Call for Strong Air Pollution StandardsClimate 411
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