Year Author(s) Title Source
2017 Ted Meissner  Kritee :: Being an Indian Woman Priest in the Zen Tradition Secular Buddhist Association (Podcast & transcript)
2017 Kritee Whiteness and Privilege in Ecodharma: How can we confront them compassionately?  Rocky Mountain Ecodharma Retreat Center
2017 Kritee (Kanko) Zen koan training: Basics Boundless in motion
2017 Kritee Climate Despair vs. Action: A False Choice? Rocky Mountain Ecodharma Retreat Center
2017 Kritee Engaged Spirituality: Satyagraha for all life on the planet Naropa University Boulder (Download PDF)
2017 Kritee Way out of our ecological predicament: Reconnecting with Sacred Oneness and its diverse manifestations UC Denver Symposium: Spirtuality, Sustainablity, Earth Justice (Download PDF)
2017 Anonymous Selfless self-compassion (with guided loving kindness meditation practice from Kritee Kanko) Conscious Unfolding blog
2016 Kritee One unified movement towards joy, health, kindness and justice: What is our role? Boundless in Motion
2016 Kritee & One Earth Sangha Secular Activism and the Sacred: a Common Ground Video: One Earth Sangha
2016 Kritee Eco-Dharma friendships: How are they different from other friendships? Boundless in Motion 
2016 Kritee Climate Calamity: Psycho-spiritual implications at Interface Boulder  Download powerpoint
2016 Kritee Three pillars of Eco-Dharma (Sacred) activist movement Boundless in Motion
2016 Kritee New studies point to a pathway to find India’s most effective climate-smart farming practices  EDF Talks Global Climate
2015 Max Zahn This Buddhist Life: Q&A with Kritee Tricycle (Link)
2015 Kritee Understandinng Climate drivers: International Western Dharma Teachers Gathering Omega Institute, NY (Download powerpoint)
2015 Kritee  Earth’s Climate Circle and the Rising 400 ppm Human Tangent: Can our spiritual paths help us to choose heroic and just transitions over global chaos?  Tikkun Daily
2015 Kritee Climate Takuhatsu (begging) Zen peacemakers -Environment
2014 Kritee  'Feeding 9 billion' requires facing up to climate change   EDF Talks Global Climate
2014 Kritee  Embody Fierce Compassion: Buddhists at the People's Climate March Buddhist Peace Fellowship
2014 Imtiaz Rangwala Climate Change in Colorado: Evidence, Projections & Uncertainties  The Nature Conservancy (Download powerpoint)
2014 Kritee & Imtiaz Rangwala EcoScience 101: EcoDharma conference 2014 Wonderwell Mountain Refuge (Download powerpoint)
2014 Kritee (Kanko) Why do you want to meditate? Boundless in Motion
2014 Lou Leonard & Kritee  A Primer on the Science of and Policy Response to Climate Change  One Earth Sangha
2013 Kritee  How can we grow more rice – with less land, water and pollution? EDF Voices
2011 Kritee  America’s Leading Mercury Scientists Call for Strong Air Pollution Standards  Climate 411