Yet-to-be-named network is a decentralized and spiritually-rooted interfaith direct action network that aims to shine light on the inseparability of climate and racial justice.  This network is entering a beta testing phase in Fall 2019 such that a few selected teams across the country will get the basic trainings and start actualizing network commitments. Here is an old zine published in early 2018 which poetically details our network’s core values. A draft of our member handbook which updates our values, local team structures and commitments will be released in late 2019. Along with ten other from across the country, Kritee Kanko has been involved in the creation of seed (aka DNA) of the network since Dec 2018. Please see here for more details on what it will mean to be a member of this network. 

First training of the network was done in Boulder/Denver area 
The network got beta-launched with a training in Boulder/Denver area. This was first of the two trainings which are required to become members of this network is called “Fierce vulnerability”. Our weekend in Boulder was led by trained leaders of this network and will focus on establishing the psycho-spiritual basis of our direct actions. This training will give people a chance to evaluate their value systems and sign up for second training. The second training will go over the details about how this decentralized network with share information and resources or do decision-making and conflict resolution while preparing for intense direct actions at the interface of climate justice and racial healing. The second training will also likely be open only for those who commit to being part of the network.

The questions that were explored in the first workshop included:

— What does it mean to say a good NO while connecting with and changing hearts of people we say no to?
— How do we stop injustice in its tracks while acknowledging the interconnectedness of all life (non-duality)?
— How do we protect ourselves while nurturing a relationship with our broken-heartednness?
— How do we build a movement that can shut down a highway while creating a culture of opening up our hearts?
— How do we build a movement with the militancy to occupy a government building and the sensitivity to see it as an act of healing?
— How can we come to experience vulnerability as a strength, not a weakness?

In these times of climate emergency, our social systems are being torn apart, our economic systems have created historic levels of wealth disparity, and earth’s life supporting ecosystems are on the brink of collapse. The need for a powerful direct action movement that nurtures a radical, fundamental transformation has never been greater. Yet our need is not only a transformation of systems and laws and policies. What we yearn for is a fundamental transformation of our hearts, our values and our relationships – to ourselves, to each other, and to the earth.

Photos from the October 2019 weekend