If you are attending a retreat with our sangha for the first time, we will do everything to make it work for you in a way that doesn’t disturb the meditative atmosphere for others. We want to make sure everyone is at the growth and healing edge as a practitioner and doesn’t feel pushed into panic zones. Everyone ends a retreat together regardless of when different individuals join a retreat.

This schedule is for a 5-7 day retreat. For weekend retreat, please check this schedule.

TimeFirst dayFull day(s)Last day
4:30Wake UpWake Up
5:00Morning Chanting (Sutras)Morning Sutras
5:45Tea and bathroom breakTea and bathroom break
7:30Bathroom breakBathroom break
7:40Kinhin (walking meditation) or Optional Q&A about practiceKinhin/Metta
8:30Break, Clean-up & lunch-prepClean-up and lunch-prep
10:00Zazen + Kinkin (Indoor/Outdoor options)Zazen
11:00Teisho (talk)Teisho (Talk)
12:10Outdoor/Yoga Outdoor/Yoga
12:30Teacher/Shika/Tenzo arriveLunchLunch
1:00Rest,Clean-up & dinner-prepClean-up
2:30Outdoor Zazen/Kinhin & dokusan (private interviews)Zazen
3:30ArrivalsShowers/BreakAfternoon sutras
4:30Set-upAfternoon sutrasClosing circle & bows
5:00Formal orientation + Introductory circleZazen & dokusan (private interviews)Final clean-up of the lodge
5:30Meditation hall set-upLoading & departures
6:00Informal dinnerDinner
6:30Clean upClean & breakfast-prep
7:30Zazen + posture clinicOptional outdoor zazen
9:00Closing chant/songFormal tea & break
9:20Optional ZazenOptional Zazen
10:15End of DayEnd of the day