The schedule presented below is not set in stone. We will be responsive to the needs of who attends the retreat and will allow everyone to take breaks as needed. All times are Mountain Times.

TimeFriday Saturday Sunday
4:30 (optional)Seated meditation (optional) Seated meditation (optional)
5:45Wake UpWake Up
6:10Morning ChantingMorning Chanting
6:50Personal tea & breakPersonal tea & break
7:00Seated meditation (Zazen)Zazen
8:30Prep + BreakfastPrep + Breakfast
9:30Mindful ChoresMindful Chores
11:00Talk and Q+ATalk and Q+A
12:00Meal prepBreak
1:00Mindful Chores (Samu)Mindful Chores (Samu)
1:30Mindful walking (Kinhin)Mindful walking (Kinhin)
2:30Zazen & private interviewsZazen & private interviews
3:30Prepare Zendo/roomsShowers/BreakAfternoon sutras
4:00Afternoon sutrasZazen
4:30Prepare dining spaceSharing circleZazen + Sharing circle
6:00Meal prepMeal prep
6:30Informal Oryoki DinnerDinner Closing
7:00Clean up
9:00Zazen + Orientation + Closing song/chantZazen/Council + Closing song/chant
10:00Yaza Yaza