Inviting all faith groups to Pray the Frack Out of Boulder

Our Neighborhoods Will Be Fracked Unless We Act

We, members of all faith groups, believe in Earth-care and wish to steward our beautiful planet away from destructive exploitation and climate-chaos.

The voter-approved moratorium on fracking in Boulder County expired on May 1, 2017. The Boulder county regulations are not enough to protect our wellbeing, and would likely be challenged by the oil and gas industry. Unless we collectively convey our moral opposition to fracking to our local and state governments as well as industry, our county will soon be dotted with 1800-2400 fracking wells near residential neighborhoods, schools and recreational areas. In addition to basic safety concerns (e.g., Firestone tragedy where a home was destroyed and two lives was lost due to the oil and gas industry’s negligence), fracking will bring enormous traffic congestion, noise, air, water, soil and climate pollution and profound negative impacts on human, wildlife and ecosystem health.

It will take clarity and courage to oppose fracking in our county. Let us align ourselves with our highest religious and spiritual ideals to steward Boulder County away from dangers of fracking. Let us join together in prayer and meditation, build awareness in our community and live our faith through our actions by protecting our beloved natural environment we have worked so hard to preserve.

Let us start by meditating & praying together!
Get involved with this local movement against fracking

Contact us: For health, ecosystem and climate impacts, historical and legal issues around fracking, and details of our free, public and ongoing “Meditate the Frack out of Boulder” events, please visit this webpage or email us.