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The future of all life depends on our mindful steps.

Tlaloc – Indigenous God of water opposes fracking (Street-art in Mexico)

The voter-approved moratorium on fracking in Boulder county expired on May 1, 2017. Unless we use our spiritual force in an organized way to compassionately but fiercely put our local and state governments as well as oil and gas industry on notice, Boulder county will soon be dotted with fracking wells. We are told to expect 1800-2400 fracking wells in our county in next few months. There are drilling proposals of 20 to 40 wells per site near residential neighborhoods, schools, parks, and recreational areas up and down the Front Range. In addition to primal basic safety concerns raised by the recent tragedy in Firestone where a home was blown apart due to leaking fracked gas, they will bring enormous traffic congestion, noise, air, drinking water and soil pollution. Isn’t it time for us to use our faith and dharma-practice to protect local ecosystems, human and wildlife from fracking? It is our responsibility to ensure that the world-class local environment we have worked hard to protect and preserve is maintained.

We invite all faith based organizations to work with us to steward our county away from fracking including by joining us in our non-violent movement building strategy discussions. For our press release announcing our ongoing “Meditate the frack out of Boulder” events, please visit this page. For details of our these free, public and ongoing “Meditate the frack out of Boulder” events, please visit this page.

Find our summary of health, environmental and climate impacts of fracking here. We also cover historical and legal aspects of fracking in the state on this page.

For various actions you can take to put local and state governments as well as media and oil and gas industry on notice, please see the second half of this page. We encourage you to act or commit to act with clarity and compassion, to systematically train yourself to act and then recruit new friends and neighbors to act with you.

(We endorse non-cooperation and non-violent direct action (civil disobedience or “satyagraha”) only when it is rooted in self-transformation, fierce compassion for self and others as well as non-duality. Non-violent direct action should be a form of  our prayer/meditation). 

Meditate, Affiliate, Commit/Recruit and Train resources
CoRising: Coloradans uniting for health & safety over fracking
— Colorado Senators, Representatives, and Congressional District Maps 
Three pillars of spiritually rooted activism
— Boulder Ecodharma Sangha action-items, interviews and resources circulated after our meeting.

Social media resources
Boulder Ecodharma Sangha Facebook page
East Boulder County United
Suede light brigade
Frackfree CO Facebook 

Learn more
Why do we need friendships & communities for movement building?
Impact of Oil and gas operations on babies’s health
Infrared Video shows methane pollution in Colorado
— “List of the harmed” >1000 families harmed by fracking from around the country.
County Oil & Gas Development –  Info on CO Attorney General lawsuit against the County
Youth case against the COGCC in court, again – Boulder Weekly
Watch Oil and Gas Wells Spread Across Colorado (1992-2013) – CPR
Chasing Methane with Mark Bittman – Years of Living Dangerously Episode featuring Colorado Front Range
FrackFree Co – A coalition of grassroot organizations working to keep Colorado frack-free.
East Boulder County United –  Community rights & legalization of Direct Action
— Woodbine Ecology Center & Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center : Periodic non-violent direct action trainings


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   Meditate the Frack out of Boulder, County Courthouse on Pearl Street – May 1, 2017