We are engaged in ongoing public meditation practices to bear witness to the impact of our lifestyles and economies on our global climate and to raise awareness about how we can individually and collectively build momentum for positive change. As an example, fossil fuel based electricity generation is the largest single source of greenhouse gas pollution. The electricity that lights our homes, runs the businesses we frequent and powers our lifestyles contributes significantly to our global climate crisis.  Collectively, this electricity leads to consequences that are completely out of alignment with our deepest values and beliefs.  We want to use our collective power of paying attention to our carbon karma to face and slow down our impact on the planet.

In 2014, we conducted an hour long Interfaith non-denominational events called “Bearing Witness to Carbon Karma” n collaboration with  Naropa University. These events included meditation vigil and council (talking stick sharing circle) and were held once a month in view of Valmont coal power plant on Wednesday evenings. On several occasions, we also held this practice in view of the Boulder Courthouse on Pearl street on Sunday afternoons. The goals of these ongoing events included:

— To bear witness of the impact of our collective use of fossil fuels which is creating pain (extreme weather events, atmospheric warming and ocean acidification, refugees & ongoing mass extinction.

— To encourage individuals to pay attention to the carbon footprint in their lifestyles at home, at the businesses they frequent and in all their activities.

— To highlight the role of contemplation in paying attention to the impacts of our personal and institutional modes of operation and how aligning our individual actions with our beliefs can assure the Earth’s viability as a home for future generations

— Building a responsible and resilient community of like-minded individuals to inspire change

At each gathering, the group leader(s) offered brief instructions, lead a council practice before and after meditation period and collect contact information of interested participants.

For our latest “Meditate the frack out of Boulder” events, please see this page. For more information, please contact EDS members.