If you are attending a sesshin for the first time, we will do everything to make it work for you in a way that doesn’t disturb the meditative atmosphere for others.

Time First day Full day(s) Last day
4:45 Wake Up Wake Up
5:10 Morning Sutras Morning Sutras
5:50 Tea and bathroom break Tea and bathroom break
6:00 Zazen Zazen
7:00 Bathroom break Bathroom break
7:10 Zazen/Yoga Zazen/Yoga
8:00 Breakfast Breakfast
8:30 Clean-up and lunch-prep Clean-up and lunch-prep
10:00 Zazen Zazen
11:00 Teisho (talk) Teisho (Talk)
12:00 Break Break
12:10 Outdoor Zazen Outdoor Zazen
12:30 Lunch Lunch
1:00 Clean-up and dinner-prep Clean-up
2:30 Zazen Zazen
3:45 Arrivals Showers/Break (Optional zazen) Afternoon sutras
4:30 Afternoon sutras Closing circle & bows
5:00 Kitchen Set-up Zazen Final clean-up of the lodge
5:30 Meditation hall set-up Kinhin (walking meditation) Loading & departures
5:40 Room Set-up Outdoor Yin Yoga
6:00 Bring your own dinner Dinner
6:30 Formal orientation Clean & breakfast-prep
7:00 Conscious community creation Optional outdoor zazen
8:00 Zazen Zazen and Dokusan (private interviews)
9:00 Formal tea & break Formal tea & break
9:20 Zazen Zazen and Dokusan
10:15 Closing chant/song Closing chant/song