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Teisho: “A Non-Buddhist Philosopher Questions the Buddha.”

This was Kanko’s first offering as a teisho (dharma talk) to her root sangha right before her teacher, Kurt Kangan Spellmeyer publicly gave her permission to teach independently in May 2013. In our tradition, the speaker of a dharma talk does not use any written notes, speaks spontaneously and is woven together at the time of delivery. Often, the sentences are often not complete at the time the talk is delivered. The edits and additions have been inserted within square brackets. Read the entire teisho here.

The Zen circle and the human tangent. Why Zazen (in the times of scandals)?

Over the past few years, scandals surrounding several prominent Zen teachers have left a question mark in the mind of many aspiring meditators, and even advanced practitioners. If teacher after teacher has not gotten rid of his neurotic and manipulative tendencies after decades of practice, why should we have anything to do with Zen? When people with many decades of seated meditation practice seem not to have learned to face their dark shadows and can continue to engage in spiritual bypassing with dangerous impunity, why should we not throw Zen away from our lives? Read the entire article here.

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