We are an environmentally and socially engaged Rinzai Zen meditation community in Boulder, Colorado. We are committed to solidarity with local and global movements that promote diversity & inclusion in all spheres of life.

With your help, we are creating spaces and communities where the experience of the dancing “Boundless” is possible in the midst of our all-consuming stories. For many of us, personal and interpersonal stories from our birth, childhood, teenage and adulthood; stories of our health, career and relationships keep our minds buzzing. For others, these personal and interpersonal stories are interwoven with our understanding of the wider world of political, economic and cultural institutions. We constantly strive to make our story better, more meaningful, exciting, healed and whole. We need communities to wholeheartedly embrace our stories, to observe why we tell our stories the way we do and then learn to relate to them in new ways that bring ease, clarity and happiness.

Irrespective of our conscious awareness of the two dimensions, our stories exist in the context of both our inner psycho-spiritual reality and outer socio-economic and political realities.  When we can cut through the distractions, we can meet our “inner Boundless” in all its brilliance and depth. At that time, our work with interpersonal stories becomes easier and all of our individual stories can be seen as a part of “Boundless…. in motion.” Simultaneously, we can also meet the outer institutional socio-economic and the grave environmental challenges of our times, with compassion,  skillful or strategic action and an emergent co-intelligence. In our times, without meeting our outer realities and external institutional challenges, our encounter of the inner boundless will remian incomplete and shallow.

We invite you to join us. To work with tools that can help us come face to face with the “Boundless”, please join us for morning or evening meditation sessions.  To meet the joyous and the difficult stories of our times with authenticity, wisdom and compassion, you are welcome to join Ecodharma sangha or explore our online offerings including videos, presentations and articles on environmental and ecological crisis.