Boundless in Motion is a 501(c)3 non-profit and a trauma-informed meditation community based in Boulder (Colorado). We are building a spiritually rooted movement towards climate action, racial equity and respect for all life on our planet. We host retreats that are at the interface of inner healing (through meditation and grief/rage sharing circles) and outer strategic actions for climate and social justice. This silent retreat is for those who want to learn about Zen tradition and deepen their surrender to the “Enlightened Mind”. 

Date & Venue

Oct 8-13, 2024
(Five days, weekend and other online options)
Online & Rocky Mountain Ecodharma Retreat Center (RMERC)

Dharma teachers

Buddhist Zen teacher Kritee (Kanko) and
Dharma leader Imtiaz Rangwala
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Why apply?

— Are you feeling ready to deepen your meditation practice in a community that is rooted in the Japanese Buddhist lineage of Rinzai Zen, takes a trauma/grief informed approach to healing and incorporates lessons from Kingian/Gandhian Nonviolence?

— Are you curious about how we can build a rigorous spiritual practice that supports our collective movement for justice and peace in the times of climate breakdown and innumerable social injustices?

— Do you feel silence, disciplined seated and walking meditation along with communion with the natural world can help release internalized oppression and other stresses lodged in our bodies?

If yes, come join us at the stunningly pristine and healing Rocky Mountain Ecodharma retreat center (RMERC) for a Zen and Ecodharma retreat.

Daily schedule

Our sangha takes a trauma informed approach to healing, awakening and changemaking. As a result, at our retreats, we combine practices from the ancient tradition of Rinzai Zen with our current understanding of what individuals need to face and release our trauma. Each day will include indoor zazen (seated meditation), outdoor meditation (by trees, bonfire or flowing water), kinhin (group walking meditation), deep abdominal chanting, opportunities to share our experience with other participants, a talk at the interface of Zen and Ecodharma teachings, rest periods, samu (silent work periods to prepare food) and dokusan (private interview with the teacher). We will have time in the afternoons for personal extended time in nature.  For detailed schedule for the week, please visit this page.

Is this retreat really right for you?

This will be good for you if:

— You feel ready to deepen your meditation practice in a structured dharma container. You know that spiritual practice is not about being comfortable and ready to be at your growth edge in your search for healing and enlightment.
—  You’re primarily looking for a silent retreat. We do not offer guided meditation more than once a day.
— You’ve become disenchanted with traditional forms of activism but you trust that racial and climate justice are related and that we need inner trauma healing to build our collective power.
— You want to face and transform your grief, fear and anger but not be controlled by them.
— You are comfortable with being tested and following COVID protocols. You are also okay with silence and being away from internet and phone connection.

This might not be for you if:

— You are looking for physical rest and emotional connection with other participants. Zen retreats can lead to deep psychological/spiritual rest but our retreats include physically intense schedule with most activties in silence (Please look at our schedule).
—You can’t wake up at 5 AM or can’t stay still in your room when you need to rest (The lodge is wooden and every movement is amplified for meditators if anyone walks in their rooms which are directly above the meditation hall).
— You are not ready to look at how climate crisis and racial injustices are related to inner trauma healing.
— You have a heart-lung condition such that you will have difficulty at high altitude. The retreat center is at ~8500 feet.
— You need wheelchair access.
— You will be unconcomfortable by being out of contact with the world. (The staff will have the ability to make and receive emergency calls or emails on your behalf, but phone and internet are not available for personal use).
— This will be your first retreat but you will not be able to finish going through the pre-requisite modules/lessons associated with learning basic protocols associated with Zen tradition. 

COVID Test requirement: No Vaccine needed

Please read the complete RMERC covid policy here.  Regardless of vaccination status, PCR testing 3 days before the retreat starts and rapid antigen testing on the day of retreat is required to be to join this retreat. Please do not arrive at the retreat center if you have any flu like symptoms (Fever, body aches, sore throat, cold, loss of taste/smell or stomach issues).

Cost & scholarships
No one, especially LGBTQ, black, indigenous and other people of color, will be turned away for lack of funds.

Sliding scale $10-30 per day

Tuesday arrival (Five full days) $550   
Wednesday arrival (Four days, not for beginners): $425 
Thursday arrival (Three days, not for beginners): $350  
Friday arrival (Weekend) $250

For the five day option, one must arrive before 3 pm on the first day. For other options, please arrive between 6:40 and 7:15 pm on the day of your arrival.

Dana for sesshin leaders will be welcome.  With support from RMERC, we can offer partial scholarships for people of color, LGBTQ, full-time grassroots activists, people between 18-30. If you are in need of a scholarship, please talk to us. If you can support sesshin participation of others, please let us know. 

Deposit and cancellation

Our payment, cancellation and refund policy for this retreat includes:

  • Non refundable registration deposit of $100 (or $30 for online option).
  • Final payments (less the non refundable deposit) will be due 30 days prior to the retreat.
  • Cancellations 30-15 days prior will get a refund of half of the final payment. For cancellations inside of 15 days there will be no refunds.


You can fill this online form to apply. Please save/print the online form as PDF before hitting submit because some browsers have an issue sending the form across. We will send you ways to pay after your application has been accepted. 

Legal waiver Please read this page before applying and arriving. Everyone will need to sign it when they arrive.

Dietary needs

Food preparation will be led by brilliant chef and dharma teacher Imtiaz Rangwala. In alignment with teachings of deep Nonviolence towards all beings, the food served will be vegan. Figuring menus and quantities, shopping, organizing, and cooking are complex and crucial tasks for a retreat. We provide simple, wholesome, natural, predominantly organic, vegan meals. Individuals are allowed to bring vegetarian items for personal use. We can accommodate common food allergies such as gluten, soy or dairy, but not preferences. We will never serve eggs, meat or fish. Make sure to include on the application form full details of any special allergy or health needs you have and we will contact you if they require discussion. 

Samu (Sangha service or yogi jobs)

Some of the work necessary to support the group will be handled by participants during the retreat. You will be able to choose your job, and will keep it throughout the retreat. Most participants find serving others in this way quite enjoyable, and a great opportunity for practice in action.

What to Bring

Our retreat manager will send another retreat specific packing list and a way to sign up for Samu jobs a few weeks before the start of the retreat.