Map with information on region-specific broken treaties in U.S and Canada

For #NoDAPL and #Nativelifesmatter inspiration
— Democracynow VIDEO: Pipeline Company Attacks Native American Protesters with Dogs and Pepper Spray Link
— VIDEO-Song: An amazingly inspiring video-song by a Native singer in support of #No DAPL & a cry for action Link
— KGNU radio 89.3 FM from 7 to 8 AM InDigitNess voices
— Organizing Meeting Every Wednesday at Four Winds American Indian Council, Denver
— Facebook resources:  Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and Sacred Stone Camp

#NoDAPL Donations and supplies
— Direct donations to Sacred Stone Camp through GoFundMe
— Donations and supplies through Unity of Boulder
— Supplies through Sopa Melanie Harmann (Next bus leaves Sept 18, 2016)

Native tribes suffer when rivers get polluted:
— If you thought pipelines don’t leak: Two US state emergencies don’t lie (2016)
— Navajo Nation mourns Toxic Mine spill in Colorado, 2015

Opposing financial institutions funding the pipelines (expect more soon): Many banks are supporting the pipelines with millions of $$ as loans or revolving credits. If you bank is supporting DAPL or other pipeline, please consider withdrawing your money from them and instead supporting credit unions that usually don’t invest in pipelines. We can also plan non-violent direct action against their policies (but with deep love for the people working for these institutions): See research by Food & Water watch on which banks are supporting pipelines


#No DAPL related petitions:

— To the Commander of the Omaha District, Army Corp of Engineers and US Assistant Secretary of the Army (highlighting work of teenagers): Link
— To President Obama(latest, after announcement of halting 3% of the pipeline construction): Link
— To President Obama (general, old): Link
— To President Obama (opposing ‘Nationwide Permit 12’ that allows approval without site-specific investigation): Link
— To the U.S. congress (general with proof of leaks): Link
— To US senators from Nebraska (not sure if signs by people from other states helps): Link

Other ongoing land-grab/mining and Native lives matter issues and petitions:

— Free Leonard Peltier (Peitition embedded in the website) link

Video “Don’t drown our culture” (8 minutes) on the effect of Shasta Dam Raising on Winnemem Wintu tribe: In the early 2000s, it started to become evident we might relive the same nightmare as the Bureau of Reclamation started seriously investigating a Shasta Dam raise from 6-feet to 200-feet to increase the supply of irrigation water for large agricultural businesses. The BOR sees this as a viable alternative even though just as much water could be produced through conservation measures or by treating the 60-feet of sediment that has collected at the bottom of Lake Shasta in the past 70 years.”  (Not sure about the status of Drought relief bill that proposed the raising of the dam)

Sign this petition: Stop the plan to flood Winnemem Wintu sacred lands | CREDO Mobilize

— To the U.S. Senate (support Sanders’ legislation to repeal the Oak Flat land exchange for copper mining & stop the transfer of sacred Native American land to a foreign mining company) (Not sure about the status of this bill)

Want to add anything to this list? Please contact Kritee (Kanko).