PRAYERSONG, a ritual
We hold all of Life in our hearts.
PrayerSong is an invitation to name what we have been holding into the sacred space of the circle.  
To light tiny candles as we speak, place them on a simple altar of water or sand at the center, 
and, in the witness of one another, bathe them with prayer, song, chant, and silence.
Offerings and songs have often included: 
  1. Ho’ oponopono…
  2. The jewish chant AHAVAH
  3. I Will Be Your Standing Stone (Melanie Demore)
  4. Spirituals
  5. I Am Sending You Light (Terry Garthwaite)
  6. All I Ask of You Is Forever to Remember Me As Loving You
  7. Unbroken Flows the Rhythm (Dances of Universal Peace)
  8. There Is No End To Love (Shawna Carol)