The Mapuches are a native South-american tribe that lived across Chile and Argentina. They still constitute 9% of the Chilean population and are mostly concentrated around the Auracania region in Chile which is 2 hours drive south from the place where parents of Juan Rios (one of the participants of our Ecodharma 2020 course) parents were born.

Mapuche prayer

Pachamama….. Earth Mother ….Mother Earth…. in grateful silence, I breathe with you. I pray…then, through your ears, I am listening, listening….to pigeon coo and wind…. whistling through dry leaves…. to sandstone, re-forming.

I seek to merge with the Love, the Knowledge that you are. Breathe it in. The pathways through the expanded heart we are, together, lets me see you clearly – brushing back strands of your hair – the rippling, cracking, freezing, melting. The rivers and creeks across you, matched, within arteries, and veins. In my eyes the depth of your lakes and oceans, an expansion of consciousness like swelling schools of fish, along with a desire to breech – and leap – then merge back, into the waves.

I’m exhilarated! I sense your history, through the rocks of which you are made. There is so much written, which has gone, long before us:

Such a mystery, these stories lingering through time. Connections made, discoveries charted. Sacredness kept strong.

And I feel the future, too, stirring, beneath the rock, the underground aquifers, into your core, your Fire — as I breathe, with you, Pachamama, spirit of this world. Like a child nearing it’s birthing hour, the present draws the next breath beyond the security of the past!

I FEEL, inside of me — your movements, Pachamama, into the days ahead– filling me with a quiet joy. A strength to move beyond my small preoccupations and fear. Letting that fear unwind, Pachamama, as you move, swinging boldly across the sky, again and again, wheeling through the glittering throngs of constellations, on that incredible cycle of your life. I pray for you. I pray human perceptions shift. It is not what we can get out of you, what we can build on top of you, what we can obtain, how much we can own, but how we can co-exist with you as our support, Pachamama. I seek to live in a good way, honoring you. Opening to what that means, at this time of my life, to me.

Let my offerings to you, be accepted along with the love with which they’re sent. In communion with you, Pachamama, wherever I am.