I pray to the ancestors and spirits who watch over us everyday

Thank you to Mother Earth for curating and providing such blessings for all life to be present

I pray that we have the strength to protect the gifts that we have been given

I pray that those who are the most marginalized are finally heard and find an end to their samsara

I pray for a more equitable society where people do not need to compete or fight each other for basic needs

I pray that all people who have been wrongfully incarcerated are let free and able to live the life they are worthy of

I pray that there is an end to discrimination and unsolicited violence against those who do not fit into the patriarchal, white supremacist, capitalist cis-normative agenda including those who identify as Black, indigenous, POC, and LGBTQIA folx

I pray we find harmony and balance with all living beings and not be afraid to show our love and compassion towards one another while finding time to grieve

I pray that we find time to heal and regenerate our energy even during hard times

I am hopeful and I thank you.