Do you self-identify as a person of color and work within the climate & ecological justice movement?

— Do you feel burnt out and/or overwhelmed and need to recharge in an emotionally safe space where we gently witness and honor each other’s experience? 

— Can we build a movement that is rooted in our deepest spiritual values and emotional truths? Can we engage in advocacy such that it is an integral part of our spiritual and emotional growth?

— Do you feel yoga, meditation, and trusting, empathetic emotional connection with others can help release internalized white supremacy and other stresses lodged in our bodies?

If yes, come join us at the stunningly pristine and healing Rocky Mountain Ecodharma retreat center (RMERC) for a retreat designed for empowering self-identifying people of color involved in environmental or climate change-making work. You could be a community organizer, healer or healing arts practitioner, educator, activist, climate-mom, climate scientist, journalist, lawyer, author or storyteller. Through silent hikes, meditation, yoga, guided peer-to-peer dialogue in a strong container of emotional safety and trust, gratitude/grief/rage rituals and other group-work, we will explore how we can deepen activism as a spiritual path, learn to honor and transform our emotions through empathy and connection, face the root cause of our suffering, act with deep compassion & courage in these difficult times.

We will follow COVID-safe protocols for lodging and serving food. There will be camping sites available for those who do not meet the COVID testing and vaccination criteria for staying inside the lodge.

Venue & Date
July 20 –  25, 2021
Rocky Mountain Ecodharma Retreat Center

Kritee (Kanko), Climate scientist, Zen teacher, Co-founder of RMERC & BIM
Asia Dorsey, Satya Yoga Co-op Co-founder, Herbalist & Dreamworker
Maria Talero, Climate engagement and Regenerative relating educator
AND Ramon Parish for a weekend session and Imtiaz Rangwala as chef!

Each day will include silent seated and walking meditation, yoga and relational practices in small groups or dyads.  These sessions will discuss how our bodies store and remember stresses, how can we express and release these stresses through movement, meditation, rituals, group-work. We will also use some of The Work That Reconnects spiral practices that tap into our gratitude, our spiritual ground of being, express grief/anger/despair/fear and inspire actions. Please see our draft schedule for a similar retreat here

Is this retreat right for you?

This might be for you if:
— You’ve become disenchanted with traditional forms of activism.
— You’ve begun to encounter the direct relationship between your individual wellness and efficacy of your work.
— You’re ready to explore what is possible through deep relating and vulnerability.

This might not be for you if:
— You are not up for the discomfort and vulnerability of sharing some of your truth with others. Our goal is emotional safety and trust, but also emotional connection, and that takes a little bit of courage and willingness to be open and honest about your feelings.
— You tend to get extremely overwhelmed, spaced out, or destabilized in groups, or are currently struggling with intense traumatic stress. Most of us experience these to some degree, and it’s important to know that that’s ok, and a very understandable response to the world we’re living in. But if it’s so intense that you would feel completely “out of control” or lose the ability to keep coming back to the present moment, then this may not be a space that meets your needs.
— You’re looking for a completely silent retreat or a primarily “solo” experience. We will be weaving silence, yoga, meditation, and quiet walking together with facilitated small-group or dyadic conversation and dialogue.
— You have a heart-lung condition such that you will have difficulty at high altitude. The retreat center is at ~8500 feet. 
— You need
wheelchair access.

Sliding scale: $600-800

No one will be turned away for lack of funds if the application is selected. Partial scholarships are available. We invite people with capacity to donate to generously support this gathering. Teachers will also be supported by voluntary donations (dana).

Please fill this form to apply. We can have a maximum of 26 attendees. All applicants must self-identify as person of color (POC). Within POC, we are aiming for a diversity of age, geographical, racial and organizational backgrounds.  To that end, we have reserved five spots for young people under 25 and will give priority to grassroots group members.