What ingredients are required to forge an all-encompassing activist movement based on spiritual practices?

Date: February 11, 2017

Time: 2 PM to 5 PM

Location: Kritee/Imtiaz home, Boulder (Please RSVP via email)

Panel: Kritee (Kanko) and many EDS members

The logo above encapsulates three pillars of Eco-dharma. Without harmonious and inter-connected strengthening of these three pillars, a sustained and unified movement towards justice, equality, health and joy that is rooted in spirituality might not be possible. These three pillars enable, inspire and empower each other.  It is crucial that as individuals, organizations and communities, we explore how we inhabit this triad and which parts of it are we possibly neglecting. At this interactive gathering, Kritee will share her working model “Three pillars of ecodharma (also see three pillars mind map here)” of how we can create one movement — an over-arching movement based on our understanding of dharma or our spiritual practices. This model incorporates work of several practitioner-teachers of Buddhism, permaculture, psychology, and activism. The first half of the afternoon will include detailed discussion of each of the three pillars of ecodharma and the later half will include small-group activities to identify our areas of strength and weaknesses to better elucidate how we can be uniquely helpful in building a movement towards peace, justice and equality. please bring a notebook along!

—- Can we heal at a personal level without our participation in the larger activist movement?
—- How can spiritual practices support our activism and how is activism a spiritual practice?
—- What skills do we need to a build a true eco-dharma community?
—- What forms of intellectual analysis supports movement-building and our spiritual practices?
—- Can spiritual practices by themselves solve our ongoing socio-economic or ecological crisis?
—- How do we find our unique role in this one unified movement towards a safe, healthy and just planet?

three-pillarsA mind map of Three pillars of Ecodharma:  a working model that awaits your feedback!