For our daylong gathering of Ecodharma  leaders in Colorado (link to original announcement)

Great Mountain Zen Center
2532 S. County Road 15
Berthoud, CO 80513

We strongly recommend carpooling for three reasons: 1) Reducing carbon emissions, 2) to form/deepen human connections and 3) parking is easier when there are less cars. If you haven’t already planned carpooling, we recommend that you meet others at a easily accessible spot in Denver/CO Springs/Boulder and self-organize to go in as few cars as possible.

Driving directions 
Please see details here. Do not park next to a water ditch or in front of the trash dumpster enclosure.

What to bring
— Notebook and a pen are a good idea. 
— For those staying overnight, Abbey provides a bed with linens, blanket, one pillow and a hand towel. Bring comfortable sitting clothes, toiletries, prescription/non-prescription medication, dietary supplements, and/or other personal items.
— Our hosts will prefer that showers not be used during this gathering.

— For those arriving on Sunday morning, please arrange your own breakfast. For those staying the night, there will be breakfast on Sunday but this breakfast will not be gluten-free. People will have to bring supplemental food since the menu will be our usual retreat breakfast of oatmeal, fruit, yogurt, nuts. The Abbey has recently become vegan.
—  Coffee and tea and half/half and a few snacks will be available all-day long.
— Lunch and dinner will be vegetarian with sufficient food options for vegans and for those who are gluten intolerant. 

Other requests from our hosts at Maitreya Abbey

*Always be on time in the Zendo (meditation hall), or a bit early.
*Always leave your sitting space clean and neat. Always fluff up your cushion after every use.
*Always keep the area around your bunk as neat as possible. All spare clothing, toiletries and dirty laundry should be kept in your bags. Smooth out your sleeping bag or blankets when you are leaving your bunk.
*Do not go outside in bare feet or socks or in your ‘inside’ shoes. Wear outside shoes only and be careful to not track leaves and mud into the house when you enter. In wet weather, leave shoes outside.
*All food should be consumed in the eating area by the kitchen or outside in the backyard.
*Water bottles and food are not invited inside the Zendo or in the meeting room.
*If you take a walk during breaks, only walk on the public roads. Do NOT walk on the private road to the north of the Abbey. Do not park next to a water ditch or in front of the trash dumpster enclosure.
*Keep the bathrooms clean. Wipe all pee stains from the commodes and the floors. Wipe the sinks after each use. To conserve septic tank capacity only flush toilets when absolutely necessary. Don’t run extra water into septic tank.
*Do not go into the horse enclosures or open any gates that house animals.
* Do not let the cat out or in.

May our gatherings serve us all very well. Looking forward to connecting with you very soon!