“Wise communities can honor both our individual stories and universal storylessness. They can transform the fears, denial and anger that we experience as individuals into courage and even delightful energy — both of which are much needed for any kind of fundamental personal or institutional change.”

We aspire to participate in different kinds of inter-connected and inter-dependent communities (click here for common characteristics of Eco-dharma friendships) and help build a unified movement based on Ecodharma. While our digital interactions and communities are important in the 21st century, what can replace a real smile, hug or warm neighbor that drives to the emergency room or cooks us a meal when we are sick and alone?  Wise communities are also a great source of resilience when new kinds of socio-political and ecological crisis threaten us; and they can also change the way we relate to our material lives. Our desire for more possessions might have first evolved as a basic human need to protect ourselves from adverse circumstances but is now at the root of many ecological and social crisis.

At this time, we have incorporated council practice in our meditation schedule to deepen horizontal relationships and are constantly expanding the scope of what is consciously metabolized when we meditate together. In addition, both Kritee and Imtiaz are founding members of Eco-dharma sangha: a community of long-time Tibetan, Insight and Zen meditation practitioners in Boulder who recognize that without swift and fundamental changes in our increasingly consumerist lifestyle, the ongoing planetary eco-crisis and dramatic alteration to the Earth’s climate will cause widespread suffering and death for millions of people, and to many non-human species worldwide and are committed to deepening spiritual practices for strengthening community to inspire individual and collective action.

We are actively exploring new ways to embolden and/or create neighborhood and regional communities around us. Please keep sending any ideas, trainings and interests you might have in this regard.