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Presented below are a few selected academic publications coauthored by us.

2014 Imtiaz Comparison of the sensitivity of surface downward longwave radiation to changes in water vapor at two high elevation sites.  Environmental Research Letters
2013Kritee Microbial stable isotope fractionation of mercury: A synthesis of present understanding and future directions. Chemical Geology
2013Kritee  Reduced isotope fractionation by denitrification under conditions relevant to the ocean. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta
2012 Imtiaz Amplified Water Vapor Feedback at High Altitudes during Winter. International Journal of Climatology.
2012 Imtiaz Climate Change in Mountains: A Review of Elevation Dependent Warming and its Possible Causes. Climatic Change
2010Kritee  A thermophilic bacterial origin of the microbial mercuric reductase and subsequent constraints on its evolution by redox, light, and salinity. Environmental Microbiology
2010 Imtiaz Using A Global Climate Model to Evaluate the Influences of Water Vapor, Snow Cover and Atmospheric Aerosol on Warming in the Tibetan Plateau During the 21st Century. Climate Dynamics
2009Kritee  Mass dependent stable isotope fractionation of mercury during mer mediated microbial degradation of monomethylmercury. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta
2007Kritee  Mercury stable isotope fractionation during reduction of Hg(II) to Hg(0) by mercury resistant microorganisms.Environmental Science and Technology
2006 Imtiaz Analysis of Global Climate Model Experiments To Elucidate Past and Future Changes in Surface Insolation and Warming in China. Geophysical Research Letters