We invite you to make a financial, non $ currencies or in-kind donations to honor the time and energy we spend in dharma, activist and other teaching activities. Your generosity will support our work at the interface of trauma-resilience, inner healing, and community building for undoing white supremacy and confronting climate crisis. We welcome donations to build up a scholarship fund for students/activists for our long retreats.

— You can send us money through Paypal via this link or Venmo to @Kriteekanko. If you don’t already have an account, it is easy and free to sign up for Paypal or Venmo.

— You can also send us a check made to “Kritee” and mailed to 3655 Smuggler Place, Boulder, CO 80305

— You can help us with transcribing talks or helping with administration of our programs. 

— You can sign up for Favor network and donate us in a non-dollar currency (Favor dollars) in the spirit of gift economy.