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Our lives, along with all our stories and economies, depend on very thin and precious layers of air, water and soil on Earth.

If we were to pack all the usable freshwater on Earth, it would make a ball which is 50-100 miles in diameter – that is the distance between Manhattan and Connecticut. The topsoil, which along with billions of microbes and critters that inhabit it, makes agriculture possible, is at any given place only 2-8 inches deep and we have eroding it at rates much faster than its formation. Parts of atmosphere which we depend on for our existence  –  and which are accumulating unprecedented levels of greenhouse gases – are less than 20 miles high.

The story of human life on the planet can not be “saved” and healed without our realization that our biosphere, along with its intricate web of life-supporting processes, is really fragile and that we need to (and can) protect the biosphere to protect ourselves and our future generations. We feel that these realizations are a natural manifestation of our universal boundlessness.  As eco-dharma practitioners, here are a few of our recent public offerings (blogs, powerpoints, articles) on soil, water or air pollution, climate and agriculture.

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Year Author(s) Title Source
2017 Kritee Engaged Spirituality: Satyagraha for all life on the planet Naropa University Boulder (Download PDF)
2017 Kritee Way out of our ecological predicament: Reconnecting with Sacred Oneness and its diverse manifestations UC Denver Symposium: Spirtuality, Sustainablity, Earth Justice (Download PDF)
2016 Kritee & One Earth Sangha Secular Activism and the Sacred: a Common Ground Video: One Earth Sangha
2016 Kritee Climate Calamity: Psycho-spiritual implications at Interface Boulder  Download powerpoint
2016 Kritee New studies point to a pathway to find India’s most effective climate-smart farming practices  EDF Talks Global Climate
2015 Max Zahn This Buddhist Life: Q&A with Kritee Tricycle (Link)
2015 Kritee Understandinng Climate drivers: International Western Dharma Teachers Gathering Omega Institute, NY (Download powerpoint)
2015 Kritee  Earth’s Climate Circle and the Rising 400 ppm Human Tangent: Can our spiritual paths help us to choose heroic and just transitions over global chaos?  Tikkun Daily
2014 Kritee  'Feeding 9 billion' requires facing up to climate change   EDF Talks Global Climate
2014 Kritee  Embody Fierce Compassion: Buddhists at the People's Climate March Buddhist Peace Fellowship
2014 Imtiaz Rangwala Climate Change in Colorado: Evidence, Projections & Uncertainties  The Nature Conservancy (Download powerpoint)
2014 Kritee & Imtiaz Rangwala EcoScience 101: EcoDharma conference 2014 Wonderwell Mountain Refuge (Download powerpoint)
2014 Lou Leonard & Kritee  A Primer on the Science of and Policy Response to Climate Change  One Earth Sangha
2013 Kritee  How can we grow more rice – with less land, water and pollution? EDF Voices
2011 Kritee  America’s Leading Mercury Scientists Call for Strong Air Pollution Standards  Climate 411