VJ from Chandigarh SA from Panipat, Haryana Drug De-addiction Center
I have been in counselling with Dr. Jain for the last eight months. I have been in a troubled marriage for 10 years. I was completely traumatized when I first met her. She listened to me patiently for two hours. I have been going to her ever since. She is extremely patient, logical, convincing and analytical in her sessions. Besides she helped me better understand myself, my two kids and my parents and of course the world around. With her empathic counselling, I have been bestowed with new perspective, constructive and positive ways to deal with my kids and better manage my emotions. In addition to being an empathic psychotherapist, a coach for parents and a psychologist for children, Dr. Jain is a very good human being. She went out of the way to help me with her knowledge, experience and understanding. I always felt that she genuinely wants to help people become better human beings, be genuine with their relationships and personal management and hence lead a happy and fulfilling life. I cannot thank her enough for whatever she has done for me. I am much saner, stronger and confident now and can take the decisions of my life without all the confusions and emotional stress that I felt for over ten years. Thank you Dr. Jain. You, in a lot of ways, have helped me become a better person than I ever was. (Sept. 18, 2018) I have known Dr Swatantra Jain for over a decade now and all our family members ranging from age 9 to 75 have seen her (as counselor) at one point or the other. Everyone has benefited from her smile, zeal and her ability to make others feel at ease. She is great at building rapport, providing excellent practical suggestions to seemingly complex relationship and behavioral issues with oneself and the family. In her approach I find a balance of logic and emotion, practicality and understanding. Especially when it comes to working with other human beings in our vicinity, her guidance includes all points of views. I have witnessed my family members transitioning from hopelessness to positivity in her guidance. I would highly recommend her to anyone who seeks to find inner peace and meaningful relationships. (Aug. 30, 2018) It is my pleasure to testify that Dr. Ms Swatantra Jain, D/o Sh. Mool Chand Jain has been a visiting Counsellor and Psychologist in our De-addiction Center for the last 3 years. She has counselled more than 200 addicts of alcohol, smack, bhuki, charas, tobacco, injections, cough syrup, capsules and opium etc. The addicts have been highly satisfied with her empathic counselling. Infact, she has been responsible for bringing about a qualitative change in their lives and family relationships by way of her counselling. She is expert in her counselling skills, empathic in her dealings and farsighted in understanding human behaviour. Patients often report a significant change in their thinking, behaviour and attitudes. And level of their motivation to get rid of drugs is enhanced after her counselling sessions. She can be an asset to any institution, she serves. I wish her all success in life. Dr. S. L. Sahni, Founder and Director, Sahni De-addiction Nursing Home, Kurukshetra (Haryana) (April 11, 2005).