TimeFirst dayFull day(s)Last day
4:30Seated meditation (optional) Seated meditation (optional)
5:45Wake UpWake Up
6:15Morning ChantingMorning Chanting
6:50Personal tea & breakPersonal tea & break
7:00Seated meditation (Zazen)Zazen
8:30Mindful prep + BreakfastMindful prep + Breakfast
9:30Mindful ChoresMindful Chores
11:00Talk and Q+ATalk and Q+A
12:00Meal prepBreak
12:30Mindful LunchMindful Lunch
1:00Mindful Chores (Samu)Mindful Chores (Samu)
1:30Mindful walking (Kinhin)Mindful walking (Kinhin)
2:30Zazen & private interviewsZazen & private interviews
3:30Prepare sitting/dining spacesShowers/BreakAfternoon sutras
4:00Afternoon sutrasZazen
4:30Kitchen + Meal prepZazenZazen + Closing circle
6:00Mindful DinnerMeal prep
6:30CleaningMindful Dinner Closing
7:00Mindful Chores
7:30Zazen + Orientation
9:00Closing chant followed by optional ZazenClosing chant followed by optional Zazen
10:00Yaza (Optional) Yaza (optional)